Presentation Fee Structure

Presentations Outside of the Tampa Bay Area:  


4500     up to 6 hours - Full Day

4000     up to 3 hours - Half Day

3500     up to 90 minutes - Keynote


Presentations In My Backyard (aka: anywhere within a 2 hour drive of Tampa.)

2900    up to 6 hours - Full Day

2700    up to 3 hours - Half Day

2500    up to 90 minutes - Keynote


The time you choose is yours; you can create any combination of seminars, breakouts and/or keynote that fits your event needs.

Travel costs not included, and can be all-inclusive (meaning you get one price up-front, and that price doesn't change), or itemized (you get copies of all travel expenses after the engagement, and reimburse accordingly). Everyone has different preferences, and we'll do either.

Half Fee is due as a deposit to lock in an engagement date, and will be reimbursed 90% if cancelled less than 90 days prior to engagement, 60% if cancelled less than 60 days prior, and if cancelled 30 days prior or less, deposit is considered non-refundable.  

100% Guarantee. If you are unhappy with Megan Johntz' presentation, she will refund her presentation fee in full. This keeps us hopping to fulfill your expectations, and gives new clients peace of mind until they know our quality. Obviously travel costs incurred, and products bought for the audience are not refundable.

To book Megan for your next Presentation, see our Contract Agreement